Aug 28, 2017 12:42:26 AM   |   Priyanka Sridharan

Top Chinese Valentine’s Day Campaigns on WeChat

The Qixi or Double Seventh Festival, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, is a traditional festival in China based on the romantic tale of Niu Lang and Zhi Nu. In recent years, with China’s globalization, this festival has become popularly referred to as Chinese Valentine’s Day by the younger generation. 

As a new trend brands have now started reaching out to the Chinese population by creating campaigns surrounding this festival on WeChat. Some of the most popular Qixi campaigns on WeChat are –

  • Longchamp

In light of this year’s Chinese Valentine’s day, French luxury brand Longchamps introduced a bag that was made available globally through its mini program. This post received the highest number of views on Longchamps page in the past month.

  • Valentino



Being the first one to start a Valentine’s Day campaign this year, Valentino offered a rockstud spike bag for ¥18,800. The brand also used a number of KOLs such as Wang Ziwen and Fan Bingbing to create a hype around the campaign.


Following the massive success of the campaign online, it was quickly moved offline using an ‘I love Spike’ exhibition in the brand’s latest boutique in Beijing's Tony SKP Mall.

  • Dior

Dior, one of the first luxury brands to introduce a WeChat campaign for Chinese Valentine’s day, introduced a new handbag featuring its brand ambassador, Angelababy. Through the campaign, Dior captured the audience’s attention and the bag was quickly sold out.

  • Coach

American luxury fashion brand ‘Coach’ offered handbags signed by its global ambassador, Selena Gomez, to 8 customers who purchased a product on their website through a lottery system. As expected, this campaign was a massive success with over 100,000 page views.

  • Chloe
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Chloe, in association with Mr. Bags, offered 85 limited edition blue Faye Day bags to its customers for this year’s Chinese Valentine’s day. Being its first sale on WeChat, the bags sold out within half an hour of its launch, making the campaign a success for the brand.