SMS+WeChat: A Multi-Channel Engagement Strategy

By integrating Salesforce customer journeys with WeChat and SMS, this brand offers a personalized afer sales experience for customer across all 30 of its product categories.

Luxury Watch Brand Case Study_Cover

Deliver a personalized luxury experience on a social platform

Deliver personalized messages that will drive conversions

Chinese luxury consumers discover and research products on WeChat more than any other social media platform. Take advantage of this by tracking how users interact with your WeChat Official Account and Mini-Programs then send them targeted messages that will turn followers into brand advocates and browsers into buyers.

One-to-one communication

Luxury is more than a product, it’s an experience. Don’t let the internet diminish that. Chatly enables you to provide the high-touch service your customers are craving with a console that displays everything relevant to the customer in one place. Agents will have a 360 view of the customer right when they begin the conversation.

Seamless O2O experience

Understand your customers and anticipate their needs by tracking how they interact with your brand both online and offline. Deliver relevant offers to specific segments via native targeting and testing capabilities based on customer behavior, customer campaign source, and location.

Leading brands from around the world use

Chatly to optimize their  WeChat  presence