Advanced segmentation and retargeting

With a simple change, this international cosmetics brand increased its WeChat user ID binding rate by 31%, allowing for better segmentation and personalized marketing content and offers.


Connect to your Chinese customers at every touchpoint, at any scale

Omni-channel exists

Transform the customer experience by making it seamless across channels – from in-store to web to mobile via WeChat. Connect commerce to service, marketing, and sales channels with Chatly’s integrated all-in-one product suite.

Journeys on WeChat

Create personalized, scalable journeys that deliver the right message at the right time on their channel of choice. Reach customers in any stage of the customer lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, advocacy, and retention, and deliver relevant offers that will take them to the next stage in the journey.

Reach your target customers wherever they are

Track your followers and connect with them as they visit your retail locations around the world. Send information and offers that are relevant to them in that moment, leading to higher conversion rates.

Leading brands from around the world use

Chatly to optimize their  WeChat  presence