Seamless customer experiences across Marketing, Sales & Service with WeChatify

Connect with customers in any stage of the customer lifecycle – from acquisition to engagement and retention. Create personalized journeys through a unified platform that integrates with other top CRMs.

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Engage customers with one integrated platform to unify sales, service, and marketing communications on WeChat

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Integrate WeChat with existing systems like the CRM & ERP to convert WeChat into a channel for all brand communication

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Professional Services

We’ll work with you to imagine what’s possible, plan your journeys, improve engagement rates, and continue to optimize for impact

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Market & connect with your customers smarter. Transform the customer experience by making it seamless across channels – from in-store to web to mobile via WeChat

Journeys on WeChat

Create personalized, scalable journeys that deliver the right message at the right time on their channel of choice

Drive conversions

Turn followers into brand advocates, turn shoppers into buyers through marketing automation on WeChat



Engage better with your prospects & applicants. Target communications and engage with prospective applicants easily through WeChat

A unified view for marketing & engagement

Get a single, unified view of every interaction with your prospects, students and alumni on a single platform

Provide better support

Deliver personalised content and craft the ultimate 1:1 student experience on WeChat through WeChatify


Travel & Hospitality

Transform the customer experience by delivering personalized experiences to your travellers

Inspire travel

Harness data to personalise travel options, recommend at-the-moment experiences, and create connected guest services via WeChat to ensure complete satisfaction

Build loyalty

Inspire more bookings, provide smarter, more personalised support; and build loyalty with travellers to keep them coming back


Financial Services

The future of financial services is now on WeChat

Act faster & smarter

Clients today expect personalised outreach, insights, and goal-based planning — delivered the moment they want it on the platform of their choice. WeChatify enables you to deliver this experience

Deliver the best service

Supercharge advisor productivity and create stronger client relationships by delivering personalised services via WeChat