WeChat Marketing

Launch a wide range of campaigns on WeChat

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Guide customers from awareness to advocacy

Reach customers in any stage of the customer lifecycle, including awareness, acquisition, onboarding, engagement, advocacy, and retention

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Measure And Optimize Your WeChat Marketing

Move beyond just views & likes on your broadcasts. Quickly determine how each of your WeChat marketing campaigns have performed and the quality on the follower engagement

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Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Customers through WeChat

Easily build and scale automated marketing campaigns for WeChat and SMS in China that engage your customers in a personalized way, without support from IT

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

WeChatify fully integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud enabling you to harness the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud for marketing on WeChat

WeChat Community

Build a community that is highly engaged

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Build WeChat communities to fit your needs

Connect and collaborate with customers, brand enthusiasts and partners. Build a WeChat community for everyone critical to your business ecosystem

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Accelerate your sales channels

A WeChat B2B Community connects your resellers, distributors, and partners to increase sales. Partners can find information and experts, register new leads, update records, and manage funds, enabling them to close more deals more quickly

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Provide stellar customer service

Help your customers and followers to help themselves and each other. Create a rich self-service experience on WeChat with our automated response system allowing service agents to focus on complex issues

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Connect with your customers

Build deeper customers relationships by using WeChatify’s follower community management features

WeChat Service

Robust contact center capability for WeChat

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Help your agents and managers deliver the right answers, faster

Empower agents and managers to provide smarter service on WeChat through WeChatify as well with the collaboration and productivity tools they need, as well as a complete view of the customer

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See all the details of a customer, at a glance

Boost agent efficiency — and customer satisfaction — with a console that displays everything relevant to the customer in one place

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Reduce agent chat volume with automated responses

Give your customers the option to help themselves by setting up automated responses

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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Provide a seamless customer service experience on WeChat using WeChatify directly or via Salesforce Service Cloud. Automatically create and respond to cases and have updates sent via WeChat

WeChat Commerce

Plug and play features that drive transactions

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WeChat Commerce Capabilities

Create unique ecommerce experiences right out of the box. Build and launch sites quickly and easily with a feature-rich storefront, a native responsive design, and multilingual, multicurrency logic

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Merchandising and Marketing

Create limitless opportunities for personalized consumer engagement and WeChat commerce growth. Launch campaigns & promotions quickly, without technical support

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WeChat Experience Management

Create highly innovative and relevant brand experiences. Deliver relevant offers to specific segments via native targeting and testing capabilities based on customer behavior, customer campaign source, and location

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Multi-Storefront Management

Manage multiple commerce mini-programs from a single, central framework. Each site can be customized based on the business goals

WeChat Analytics

Performance insights that boost productivity

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Focus Investment Where It Has The Most Impact

Identify which campaigns deliver the most engagement and highest marketing ROI so you can put your resources where they will have the most impact

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Share Progress with Reports And Dashboards

Easily create visual reports and dashboards by customizing one of our out-of-the-box reports…marketing analytics tools built for marketers like you

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Map and Measure Your Customer Journey

Understand your customer journey and measure key performance metrics across each stage. Use the customer journey to inform your overall marketing strategy and trigger the right messages at the right time, as individuals progress from stage to stage.


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